Mission and Philosphy

New England Flames Mission

To provide girls the opportunity to play competitive basketball, with a primary focus on developing basketball skills for each player. Additionally, the organization will seek to provide the opportunity for our older players to focus on becoming competitive with other players and teams in the region and across the country.


  • Make basketball a fun, learning experience
  • Develop physical, emotional and social fitness and strong, team-based basketball skills
  • Demonstrate and model responsible coach, player and parent conduct on and off the court
  • Affirm constructive coaching / instructional techniques
  • Have positive parental involvement
  • Participate in local, state and regional (New England area) tournaments
  • Foster an environment where players, coaches, and board members collectively contribute to the communities in which we live
  • Encourage players and coaches to strive for excellence, both on and off the court
  • Help the players to continue to mature and develop by sharing their basketball skills, friendship, and individual talents with their respective team-members and with the younger players in the organization